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The most significant part of our practice at Kosnahan Law is Intellectual Property, including the management and maintenance of our client’s IP portfolios.

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What we can do

We recognise a client’s IP portfolio is one of their greatest assets. We assist protect and enforce client IP rights, including finding ways to exploit IP for maximum commercial gain.  We do this directly and through a network of trusted international trade mark and patent attorneys, whom we have built lasting relationships with over 15 years.

With the laws surrounding Intellectual Property being complex, in the field of Internet and Technology, it can often be difficult for clients to determine the  most appropriate protection for those assets globally.

At Kosnahan Law, we have knowledge and experience with Intellectual Property matters, across copyright, design rights, trade marks and patents.

Our lawyers work with clients to determine the best strategy for their Intellectual Property, across design registrations in the UK and European Union, UK patents and national and international trade mark registrations.  By offering a personal service and truly understanding our client’s businesses, our strategies are designed to ensure the broadest protection and maximum commercial value.  With this, we also advise on defensive registrations of IP rights in foreign jurisdictions.

Using subscription tools, we monitor online publications for infringing copyright content.  We also monitor international trade mark applications through watch lists we subscribe to, ensuring early warning of competing or potentially infringing trade mark applications in foreign jurisdictions.  In such instances, we advise clients on best practice and approaches.

We monitor domain name registrations and watch lists, online app stores and social network sites, all to bring you a robust IP enforcement strategy.

Our business experience includes bringing action for IP infringement across copyrights and trade mark matters, and alongside international associates, the enforcement of trade mark rights in multiple jurisdictions. Our lawyers successes include forcing rebranding of sponsorship deals, removing infringing content online and resolving cybersquatting issues with fake websites, in particular in Asian markets.  Our team has also successfully defended objections to trade mark applications in the UK and EU, including objections from US listed business.

For start ups / new brands, we advise on the risks associated with new brands and naming rights, and conduct relevant IP searches. Our network of trusted associates includes BAFTA approved designers who can assist with logo design for new business, ensuring clients don’t waste time and money on logos and branding which simply doesn’t work.

We provide clarity on difficult issues such as validity and infringement and advise on the best way to register brands, including in complex cases where IP may be difficult to protect.

In the field of patents, we carry out prior art searches and work with clients to understand their inventions and claims prior to patent drafting.  We do this in the fields of Robotics & AI, Fintech and Blockchain and Gaming. We work to secure the best possible protection for our clients IP, because we recognise and have personal experience in the time and labour involved inventing, and this is ultimately the secret sauce for your success.  As this field is extensive, in areas where we can’t assist, we tell you direct and point you to one of our trusted patent attorneys, remaining by your side throughout the process.

We also handle the exploitation of IP Rights through licensing deals for commercial partnerships and direct acquisition and sales.  This extends to all manner of IP Rights, including copyright, design rights, trade marks & domains and patents.

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Why instruct us

We understand our clients business models and goals, not just the law associated with their products and services
For over 10 years our lawyers have advised some of the worlds largest and most successful Tier 1 UK and IOM regulated online sportsbooks, casinos and software providers
Our personal service ensures we anticipate requirements, providing pragmatic, commercial and timely advice
Advising on technology and internet law, regulation and compliance is what we do
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Want to work with us?

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