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The market and boundaries for mobile and fantasy gaming, continues to expand exponentially. We understand a rich user experience is just as important as contracts, legal opinions, and compliance.

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Video Games/E-Sports

We can admit to years of playing games across multiple consoles and platforms from Atari, C64, Amiga 500, PC, NES, SNES & Megadrive, Gameboy & Gamegear, PlayStation, Xbox and more… we’re not shy in saying our lawyers have enjoyed gaming.  More recently, we’ve spent time playing Axie Infinity, Sandbox & Decentraland to name a few…not just for fun, but to greater understand the legal side of such games and all things metaverse…

We’ve even tried our hand at e-sports, and when there is time, we take a break in the playseat!

But aside from the fun stuff which assists us to understand our clients products and business, we advise games developers and publishers on all aspects of development and commercial exploitation of Video Games and Mobile Apps.

This includes from ground up development, ensuring legal issues such as Intellectual Property Rights, Data Protection and licensing issues are resolved at an early stage.

We advise on agreements with artists, musicians and licensing of third party content, End User Licence Agreements and Software Distribution and we have contacts with a variety of platforms to assist get content into the public domain at the best commercial rates.

We consider and advise on regulatory issues which can arise where clients offer in game currencies or skins, and issues with secondary markets for those goods.

In the field of e-sports, whether a team or player, our experience across brand ambassador deals, team and stadia sponsorships, commercial contracts, IP rights and more, ensures an all round service for you and your team.

From Space Invaders to World of Warcraft, Candy Crush and Flappy Bird, if you have a game or a game idea for web or mobile and need some legal help to get it to market or the next stage of exploitation, we’re here to assist.

For e-Sports, from Fortnite to League of Legends, CSGO to DOTA2, we’re here to assist you as a player or team.

For a personal service and to see how we can assist, contact us.


Why instruct us

We understand our clients business models and goals, not just the law associated with their products and services
For over 10 years our lawyers have advised some of the worlds largest and most successful Tier 1 UK and IOM regulated online sportsbooks, casinos and software providers
Our personal service ensures we anticipate requirements, providing pragmatic, commercial and timely advice
Advising on technology and internet law, regulation and compliance is what we do

Want to work with us?

Call +44 (0)7624 315027
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Want to work with us?

Call +44 (0)7624 315027 email or go to our enquiry form